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Disney Princess Drink Series: #1 Poison Apple Antidote Martini ~ Snow White

Published November 21, 2012 by sefra mack

It’s finished! After an exhausting vacation weekend with my girls (& a few boys 🙂 ), my partner in crime, Teresa, & I finally realized our most recent goal: inventing the Snow White Poison Apple Antidote martini.

The Finished Product:) Our Snow White Poison Apple Antidote Martini…& yes, it’ll cure what ails ya, lol 😛

There was more than one source of inspiration for this happy little cocktail. To start with, my bestie Teresa & I are currently obsessed with ABC’s faerie tale drama, Once Upon a Time: We watch it, talk about it, tweet about it, speculate on it, & adore it. So when I decided to invent a drinking game for our upcoming Girls Night marathon (oh, no worries..I shall post the rules soon enough, lol :P), it was only a matter of time before we invented a drink to celebrate our first favorite ass-kicking princess. The first lady to get an upgrade in ABC’s re-imagining of Disney’s Royal Court (really, the first lady of Disney. Period), was Snow White. Here’s the recipe I used from, plus the extras I included to make it magical:) :

Red Apple Martini


Apple, Gold Sugar & Edible Gold Stars (Wilton), Black Liquor or food Color, Fancy Toothpicks


1.5 ounces (1 jigger) each: Apple Schapps (I used 99 Apples)

Canadian Whiskey (Black Velvet)

Cranberry Juice (Ocean Spray, baby!)


  1. Moisten the rim of your martini glass with a little liquor, or the juice of a lime wedge. Spread your sugar on a paper plate, and dip the glass in the sugar, coating the rim. Set Aside.
  2. Cut your apple into wedges, cut a notch in one so it rests on your glass rim, & soak the apple in black liquor (you can also coat it in black sugar, or use black baking comes in a spray:).
  3. Mix  your liquid ingredients in a seperate glass, and pour into your decorated martini glass.
  4. Sprinkle the surface of your drink with edible gold stars 😀
  5. Spear apple wedge with fancy pick, garnish & serve!
  6. extra!: Just before serving, add a dollop of your black liquor to the red…it looks like poison seeping through the drink before it settles & vanishes…tres cool!

…& the Finished Product? Delicious! With the gold sugar, it tastes like a candied apple! The drink turned out just like the magic apple itself: Beautiful, delicious, tempting, & dangerous:) Though it is certainly not for the faint of heart, it’ll definitley cure what ails ya:) the perfect double whammy!

This little enterprise was more than a certainty: We’re geeks, lushes, rookie inventors & cooks, & crafting enthusiasts. I knew there would be edible gold of some kind to add that touch of princess magic (but stars?! So Jazzed!), & Snow’s dysfunctiolnal relationship with that darn apple gave us our flavor straight off:) Another thing that sealed the inevitability of this drink, and provided the final source of inspiration for the signature garnish, was the discovery of Eristoff Black Mixed Berry Vodka.

Truly black vodka:) It stains EVERYTHING, but I love it…I’m nuts:P

I happened to stop at my local liquor store, & by pure serendipity, I saw this vodka: not only was it truly black (curious, eh?), it was on super sale at $9.99 per bottle…& THEN it was buy one, get one for 10 cents! Done deal for this cheap chica! lol

Our Poison Apple in profile:) This liquor is so inky (but yum!), that this amount of (rushed) staining took 10 seconds 😛

Once I had the black liquor, & the ideas started bouncing around in my head, the drink was born! After I decided to stain the apple black to represent that infamous apple that sent Snow into that super inconvenient sleep, the rest was cake. Plus, the realizations that there is edible gold star-shaped glitter & pearlized sugar in every color of the rainbow, there was really no stopping me.

A birds eye view of the Edible glitter stars & pearlized Gold sugar we used:) God bless the Wilton aisle at Michael’s!

Now, I’m sure you noticed the title, and it should be obvious by now that this isn’t going to be our last go at this. Yes, the insanity is only just beginning. 😛

My latest blueprint for Belle’s drink:) Will either turn out beautiful or beastly, lol 😛

Once we started, there were ideas and brainstorms flying everywhere. The result? Drink number 2 shall be an homage to another of the ballsy babes to get a modern-day upgrade & a real life in the Disney-verse: Belle, from Beauty & the Beast. The drink will be called Beauty’s Enchantment, & should be done before the holidays on my next fun weekend home:) Can’t wait to party like a princess! lol….

 After sweating a bit about what kind of glass to use, BAM, we found the one depicted on clearance at Pier One…twas meant to be! lol…It immedeatly reminded us of the movie:) Our next hurdle in gettin the ball rolling was our main theme. After some brain farts, we decided to showcase the iconic enchanted rose from the original Disney movie as our focal point for this charmed cocktail.

Any other suggestions for a Belle themed drink garnish?


Black Magic Poison Apple Martini ~ Snow White

Published November 14, 2012 by sefra mack

Just a few days ago, prior to my previous post:), I was discussing a Once Upon a Time Drinking Game I was inventing with a good friend of mine. During our talk, my friend & god-sister, Teresa, helped me come up with a signature drink for our next geek girl marathon of fairy tale awesomeness. So I wouldn’t forget any of our ingredient ideas, I decided to sketch out the drink the way I hope it comes out looking, and the steps and ingredients I think I’ll need…


One ingredient I won’t forget? The Eristoff Black Mixed Berry Vodka…we had quite the time with that one a few weeks back:P lol

I shall post a pic of the final drink after I go to the liquor store:)

Now that I’ve designed one for Snow, nothing will do until I think of a drink for each of my Disney Princesses🙂 I know I’m going to do an Ariel/Little Mermaid Martini (gummi fish, here I come:), but, other than that, Drink ingredients & themes are eluding me for Belle & Leia (yup, those are the 4 I’m doing:P)…Any suggestions for a Beauty’s Blend or a Star Princess Shot?