Published July 23, 2014 by sefra mack

always right, mr.wright..


The English language is the most vast, most complicated, most recognized language on the planet. There are so many words, from synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, homographs along with 8 parts of speech to go along with it. So why are hell are there people out there feel they have to make up words? Taking 2 or more words and mashing them together to form some kind of hybrid word then try to pass it off as English! WRONG!!! As usual, I have examples. I’m going to give you the worst of the worst. 1- guestomate. 2. irregardless. 3. chillax. 4. redonkulous. Yeah! You who know me know exactly where I’m going with this. First, guesstimate. I don’t even know the correct spelling. No need it’s not a f****ing word!! You can either guess or you can estimate but you can’t do both! Don’t take the 2 words and fuse them together!…

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