♥♥ Mermaids, Ponies & Cosplay: Just Parts of My Master Plan ♥♥

Published September 26, 2013 by sefra mack

Ahh, it’s been so long since I chronicled my geeky schemes, but the master plans remain intact. Not only that, but I’ve been inspired yet again. Ahh, the precious, magical, & never-ending font of geeky goodness, so an update is in order. 😀 Oh, it just gets better & better…

If you’ve read my previous blogs, you know all about my plan to make a line of Disney Princess inspired cocktails. Well, with my beloved Once Upon a Time (finally!) coming back on the air in just a few short days, & the beautiful news that they have cast an actress to play Ariel (gasp!), I have finally been given the push I needed to resume my glorious work: our Ariel’s Ambrosia has been designed!


The newest addition to the burgeoning collection, Ariel’s Ambrosia (decided to go more blue on bottom & pink on top..lookin too patriotic here), along with the upcoming drink for Belle, & the one that started it all, our Snow White Poison Apple Antidote Martini 😀

My co-designer/assistant :), Teresa Brown, & I really wanted the drink to tell her story, be princessy, and as different from my snow white/evil queen drink as the ladies themselves.

The mermaid glass I found is perfect, & with the drink being based with blue Curacao & flavored rum, its very Caribbean (home of prince Eric). The sparkles in it & on the rim make it very princess chic, & magical, & with the handmade seashell pick, skewering our gummy octopus (take that, Ursula!), I think we pulled it all off. Now here’s hoping we can get it made before everyone’s favorite mermaid makes her much-anticipated debut on ABC! (soo excited!!!)

JoAnna Garcia Swisher & Gil McKinney as Ariel & Prince Eric on ABC’s OUAT!

Along with Ariel & my fairy tale frolics, thanks to the SyFy Channel, I have discovered 2 new loves: Cosplay & My Little Pony.

Now, I’ve always loved those magical ponies (thank you very much, 80s me!), & of course dressing up (renaissance faire, anyone?), but I’ve recently reached a new level. Something I would never have envisioned for myself as a grown woman, but here we are. 🙂

Recently on SyFy, there was an awesome (& waay too short) series called Heroes of Cosplay. It followed a group of artists & cosplay enthusiasts as they travel to various comic book, anime, and other geek conventions around the country.

Not only was I introduced to some amazing, business minded artists, including the ladies of CrabCat Industries (fave!), & the incomparable Yaya Han (a new idol, omg, love her!), I was exposed to a subculture that I could easily see myself being a part of. A community of like-minded nerds that dress up & worship various types of fandom?  It’s like finding a map home 🙂

My heroines of cosplay, jessica, holly, victoria, yaya & chloe…if you can name all 5 of their characters, you kick ass 🙂

Although I spent some of my summer making crazy renaissance faire costumes, & Halloween epicness is already in the works, it never occurred to me that I could dress up all the time! I was a fool! Something else took me a bit by surprise, & also has everything to do with watching Heroes of Cosplay: My renewed rabid love of My Little Pony.

Something that struck me as awesome when I was watching HoC, was the fact that a lot of ladies had a go-to My Little Pony persona they dressed as. ::girly squeal::


My cosplay girls bustin out the MLP lovin


Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle (Me!), Rainbow Dash & Applejack: The Mane Ponies 🙂

Now, I have a few theories on why a grown woman (and some men, apparently :D) would have a love for My Little Pony, & I shall explore them in a future blog. In fact, they’re pretty well said in this posting by one of my favorite heroes from the show, Becky Young; but that’s not the point…

So, what IS the point?

I asked all my girls to dress up with me, & not only did I get an immediate & emphatic yes, we each picked a pony (individually, instantly, & NO ONE picked someone elses. it was magic! I ♥ my girls!!!), & now I can make pony ears, horns, & wings (thanks for the inspiration, Yaya!!!).

This show has inspired me to learn new techniques, like mold making, & work with new materials, like worbla & latex. I’m overwhelmed with motivation, & it feels amazing.

So thats a run-down of my newest plans. 😀 Be sure to follow my blog so you can see my sketch become reality! Not only that, but you don’t wanna miss how absolutley ADORABLE we all look in our pony costumes! lol

Until then…let your geek flag fly!


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