S.Mack! Station Creations Open for Business on Etsy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (So fun & easy!!)

Published December 17, 2012 by sefra mack

It took me awhile to realize I really wanted to do it; & then it took me what seemed like FOREVER to get it done, but it’s happened: My FIRST storefront on Etsy.com is officially up & running! http://www.etsy.com/shop/SmackStationCreation?ref=seller_info

Please check it out, & please “like” the Facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/pages/SMack-Station-Creations/351767171587123

Now, so far, I only have a few items up for sale (4, to be exact), but that will all change super soon: I have over 30 other ideas for stock all ready to go, & the supplies on hand to make most of it! I’m loving it, but the demands of any business, plus my meticulous & detail oriented nature (that does nothing to lessen the chances of a screw up, btw) are extremely time-consuming. Luckily, Etsy.com & the internet make selling your art, crafts & vintage treasures easier than ever.

Sorry, but I'm re-vamping it with rhinestones, making my own chibis, and totally copying this! :)

The Original, & my inspiration…fabulous, but no S.Mack! Station Creation:)

If you’ve read my earlier blogs, you know about my hunt for a Harry Potter Phone Case. When I realized how much it would cost me to buy, I decided to make my own…

HP Case Cover

My Finished Case!! Complete with hallows symbol, hogwarts charm, & a snitch made by me!

Once I started the process, the juices started flowing (it didn’t hurt that I’ve been internet shopping like an addict for months, lol). With my hectic work schedule, & the fact that Etsy helps craft supplies get conveniently delivered to your door, it created a perfect storm. Suddenly I was making candles, rings, & charms for every type of geek, & with Etsy’s insane 20 cent listing fee (OMG!), I almost had no choice; I was finally forced into business:P teehee


My blank faced babies…

hp chibi cover

My first little wizard charm 🙂 he’s already very popular heehee

filigree lineup

Silver Filigree Enchanted Rose Princess Rings! For sale on etsy!! Mention this blog for a discount!

In addition to the phone cases & rings, I’ve decided to do princess candles, various other cases for electronics celebrating harry Potter, LOTR, star wars, etc., & I’ve decided to collect & sell vintage clothing that pays homage to my favorite geek obsessions & shows (hello custom tailored shorts ala Zoe Hart! lol

I mentioned how easy etsy makes it, & it couldn’t be more true. If you can set up a WordPress blog, you can sell on Etsy.com. All it takes is a product, a little knowledge (I would definitely suggest taking a look at the sellers handbook & the policies page…so much to consider, my head is stuffed!), & a nice picture. 20 cents later, & my art is listed for sale! A bit of a rush, actually 😀

There is so much to do, though, & there are simply not enough hours in the day! I work over 30 hours a week as a waitress, & in my spare time I love to do arts & crafts. Now, however, I’m doubling my hobby time to rival my work schedule, & it’s a ton of stuff: ordering (which is just shopping, so that rocks), inventory (the icky side effect to ordering lol), profit projection, shipping calculation, packaging (been hoarding recyclables for months, so that’ll be gravy), new ideas constantly brewing, & all while you tweet, Facebook, & bug your friends, family & co-workers to get all the free advertising you can.. I’m exhausted. I’m elated 😀 I’ve an enterprise! lol


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