Geek Girl Chronicles #1: Disney – An Origin Story

Published November 12, 2012 by sefra mack

As you get to know me through this blog (or, if you’re blessed, in real life ::teehee:: 😛 ), you will quickly discover that my Geekery File is very full indeed. It ranges from faerie tales to sci-fi; from romantic vampire fiction to graphic novels;  from black & white sitcoms to anime; from trivia games to RPGs. Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek (next gen only, please): If it has its own convention, odds are, I dig it. However, no matter how many new worlds I explore through fan sites, fan-boys, novels, movies, or musicals, there is one thing for certain: I will never forget that, for me,  it all started with Walt Disney’s Snow White.

Snow White, doin her thang in the enchanted forest :) Disney co.

Man, I wish I could get vermin to do my housework like this chica! 🙂

I always loved reading faerie tales, but nothing compared to the first time I saw one living and breathing on a screen. With Snow White, it was just overwhelming at the time: The music, the colors, the simple fact that being a Princess sounds like a damn fine way of life, plus her command over cute lil woodland creatures certainly wasn’t unappealing; I don’t know if any little girl in her right mind could avoid falling in love with Snow White, & I was certainly no exception. She was sweet, helpful, talented, and smart enough to run and hide from the queen & get her man: The kinda girl I certainly wanted to be at age 4.  And then, Oh my goodness, and then…

You realize there are dozens of these movies, and they’re all awesome, and you harass your poor parents (who have to buy a new VCR when you rewind theirs to death) into filling a veritable library with glossy colorful VHS cases of joy until you own them all.

Once the  obsession truly took hold of me, there were dolls, costumes, records, & recipes (yes, I had Disney cookbooks:)), & the biggest surprise of all: The Theme Parks (my fantasy place to run away to when my parents were being downright unreasonable lol).  Yup, once I fell in love with Snow White, there was no looking back. I was a Disney-holic, & the Geeky gene was permanently formed.

I can’t remember NOT loving Disney. When I was younger, & for at least the first 12 years of my life, I wanted to be a Disney animator. I would pause every VHS tape of every Disney movie I watched to try my hand at drawing the characters (& developing the skill it takes to avoid those blasted squiggly lines when u pause? Sheesh! These kids today with their blu rays & iPads don’t know true commitment). Until I hit High School, no other job title was seriously considered (well, maybe working in Jim Henson’s creature shop, but I cried when he passed away, & that fantasy kinda died with him).

If the Prince hadn’t gotten there in time, god knows what woulda happened to my girl! lol…Love her in any form! zombie snow by clocktowerman

In middle school, every report was on animation & every biography was on Walt Disney. I was a fan-girl before I even knew what that meant, and I’m positive I annoyed more than one person, but I didn’t care. I knew what I loved, and I didn’t care what anyone else thought. Aside from my parents, I fully attributethat attitude to all the faerie tales I read; the ones that gave birth to my princesses & inspired the movies that made Disney a household name.

My break from disney in H.S. was Star Wars…how poetic that the two are now One!
lol….awesome art found on tumblr

Now, of course, I got off track in High School, as teenagers are wont to do, & got immersed in the sex & drug fueled worlds of Show Choirs & High School Musicals. Though I lost sight of my dream, & let my talent mold a little, the geek inside me never died. On the contrary, she was nurtured, & blossomed into a full blown nerd. In a land where you are tortured and eventually ostracized for being different, let alone for being  little geeky, I was lucky enough to find the art & music programs in my school; a veritable hive of geek royalty🙂  My loves for musicals & Star Wars were both born in high school, as well as the idea to teach kids; you know, sort of brainwash a bunch of youths into being the nerd that I am :)Although I’m no longer sure what I want to do for the rest of my life, I know for a fact that I’ll be making art until the day I die. Though I’m still learning a lot of mediums like working with latex, and costuming, collecting the every expanding world of geeky souvenirs & making my own nerd wear, keeps my juices flowing:) Thanks to innovators like Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, and the industry that keeps growing to keep up with the talent out there, possibilities for fantasy art and the parameters for the genre couldn’t be more infinite.

My princess geekery in arts & crafts…i even made a snarfblatt & dinglehopper lol

Much to my delight, the Fantasy Genre has downright mutated over recent years. Between the successes of Harry Potter and the various vampire franchises, the superior super hero movies, themes of magic, mayhem, futuristic monsters come to life, realistic faerie tales (Once Upon a Time on ABC is my newest obsession 🙂 LOVE that Snow White too!), & the 3D movie trend that allows you to truly immerse yourself in the most gorgeously created artwork this world has yet to see, our society’s love affair with the fantastic is certain to be a long one.

the latest reincarnation of Snow & the Evil Queen: Once Upon a Time Airbrush piece by Daekazu on

My geeky adoration of all the ladies on Disney’s Royal Court is certain to last forever as well, but nothing beats your first love, & the first Princess, especially of this geek’s heart: Snow White 🙂


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