Altered Idea Journal volume one

Published October 22, 2012 by sefra mack

Soo, I came up with a brilliant (but apparently time consuming) plan…tear out all the ideas, ads, quotes, advice, workouts, & wants from the dozens of magazines I have laying around, & put them in a lovey (& cheap) composition book….


the cover of my new journal:-)...its nice to have a place to stick my randomness

This plan was to have a three pronged effect: 1. I will save mucho space…I’ve only done 5 pages, & I’ve ditched 10 mags. 2. Recycling…heal the world, man………. & 3. I get to exercise my art muscles:).

I love the plan, but it takes awhile for me to perfect a page…It’s great though…I recycle scraps, have all my ideas in one book…I fully support it.

Oh, and as a lil bonus, I have included a few pics of the new sneaky tube I made for myself fer smoking (if you don’t know what that is, It’s probably best we keep it that way). A friend mentioned that my last one was ghetto, & plain  toilet paper tubes are easy to lose, so with this filter, I went a lil jazzier:) thanks fer scoping, guys!


page one & the inside that I save all this crap...yay!


sometimes I get a bit carried away with the elmers glue, but meh, I needed a new one


...and no one is the wiser 😛

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