Multitasking Overload!

Published October 15, 2012 by sefra mack

There is so much going on inside my brain right now, that I feel like my head is going to explode. Like, literally, one more idea is gonna shoot into my skull through the exhaust port that is my ear canal, and my head is gonna go full on Death Star.

Where I wish I could throw all the excess junk in my brain…
P.s…how badly do you want this trash can! Lol 🙂

My to do list has mutated to include the traditional Tinkerbell notebook lists, a new one for my apron pocket, just in case an idea should pop into my head in between tables at work, and the trusty Evernote list in my cell phone-lover.

Now,  between working 40 hour weeks, my Grand master plans to return to Seattle, and to be able to work doing things I love (not that being the best damn waitress in the world doesn’t fill me with glee, but, yeah…), and the various other things I deem nessescary, I am quite the busy lady. Not only do I need to lay them out here for my own sanity and OCD, but I just need to go on record saying that this is what I attempted to accomplish, in case the aforementioned Death-Star-head-explsion thing actually happens…I don’t wanna go out like one of those spontaneous combustion chumps…I want people to know the truth! lol

Gorgeous photo, by a grat photographer, my girl Katelyn Meals...I can't wait to be there

We shall be stunning sirens, stylin & profilin…I can;t wait to go crazy with my girls!

First there are the travel plans: I plan on celebrating a birthday in New York City, Broadway Style, an engagement in Seattle, Vegas Style, and Christmas in Disney World, “Baller Style” (as my baby sister Morgan would say:)). I miss all my friends and family so much, and i never got to do much vacationing, so I am determined to make all these trips happen before my birthday in January. Perhaps I shall invest in a little video camera, and post the insanity here. I see a hilarious YouTube show in my future! lol

Then there are my various art projects, so numerous, some only need to be mentioned in passing, but others, so simplistic, and yet so genious in their planning, I feel they shall make me some moola:)

Sorry, but I’m re-vamping it with rhinestones, making my own chibis, and totally copying this! 🙂

First: The cell phone cases – During my recent, & frantic search for cell phone cases that would not only protect my baby, but express my geeky nature loud and proud, I finally found one that I adored, and then I discovered that it would cost me $75. I became determined to make a cuter one that would be a much better bargain, and undersell the competition. 🙂 This project is nearly completed, and I think the results will be more than satisfactory. Updates to follow!

Second: The Prince Puppets – I promised a dear friend of mine, long ago, that I would make her a puppet of her favorite artist ~ Prince:) I’m positive that I could do a bang up job of it, and once i realized that, I remembered that my mother adores him too, and that if I didn’t make 2 of them, my life would not be pleasant, so I began the insane internet shopping for art supplies (man, I wish i had time to go to Michaels!), while trying to read 3 books before they’re due back at the library, supplying & perfecting a weight loss and fitness plan (thank you,!), and actually working my paying job. And since Christmas is coming, there are all those projects to consider. Sheesh!

Photo from Purple Rain (copyright)

Then there are all the existing projects: the Alice canvas, the touch-ups to the Harry Potter altered book (pics to come soon!), and the aforementioned weight loss plan (I REALLY miss skinny Sefra, and its about time to shop for cute winter layers!). I actually believe I can get it all done…I will simply be covered in sweat and Elmers glue until the holiday season. No biggie:)

So, between state-hopping, weight dropping, suffering for my art, working at the dirty bird (an affectionate nickname,,,oh, and they’ve promoted me, so I now have training classes to teach, and they keep trying to force more shifts on me lol), loving on my dog, and keeping up with the family, I am quite frantic. OH, & I’m a Bridesmaid now! 😀 Yikes!

My heart is buzzing with the caffeine I used to lull myself out of the day-off-stooper i was in this morning, and my head is so jumbled, I don’t know where to start with this insanity, or what to do next. And you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way. This time next year i will be exactly where I intend to be, and I will have had a blast getting there. Idle hands do not suit me, and I can’t wait to try and cram yet another plan for world domination into my bulging schedule 🙂 TTFN, loves!


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