There’s No Debate:P

Published October 4, 2012 by sefra mack

There is no presidential debate on at my house. Our super cable is using its considerable powers to allow me to watch such awesomeness as “Keeping Up Appearances”, & “Downton Abbey” (yes, I’m pretending I’m British during the US debates:P), whilst the rest of the population rots their brains with even more propaganda & b.s. Yes, I think my plan has merit.


If I WERE watching, I’d be playing this fer sure…& judging by the rules, I’d be sloshed:) teehee

Now, I’m not saying I’m not going to vote (and if I can step into the stereotype booth for a second, I bet you can guess who I’m voting for), but I’ve had enough of the mudslinging, the talks about issues, I’m just ready to be done! I just returned from a waitressing shift (which was lame because all potential customers are home watching the debate), and I just paged through about 100 political posts on Facebook….I haveta say, I definitely agree that certain policies of the past have sent our country on the road to ruin, but this election is buggin me more than anything! Here’s to four more weeks! 😛


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