Gypsy Came Home

Published October 1, 2012 by sefra mack

….well, not home, exactly…but back to the east coast…

After a 4 year struggle in my newest adopted home, Seattle, I decided to come back and let the family take care of me rest, regroup, and re-examine my plans for world domination…so far, so good…

Yes, I am working at Red Robin again, but they love me there…and yes, I miss my karaoke family out west intensely, but hey, theres a cafe across the street with heavy-handed bartenders, and bi-weekly karaoke, so things could be worse..

Chillin in mom’s condo, rent free with mutant cable (i swear, I’ve never herd of half the channels – its a clickable wonderland), making mad ducats, badass crafts, and craft schemes:)

Its been a summer of free “welcome home” drinks, renaissance faire dress up, movies, mom shopping (the best kind, btw), gettin spoiled by my dad, and planning….always planning

Four years away from friends & family is way too much, and although i was reluctant to come back, seeing them again has been something I needed more than i realized, but the fact that i can do that while checking almost everything off my to-do list is priceless

The next time this gypsy wanders away from home, I’ll be sure to find my way back much sooner…and I shall return victorious:)


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